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Greens Entomological is family owned and operated by the McGranahan family. Dan and Connie McGranahan first moved to Ventura County in 1981. Moving their 3 kids, oldest Danny and twins Brian and Shawn the family moved from Modesto California they landed on Silver Strand Beach in the Channel Islands unincorporated area of Oxnard. Dan begin to put down roots settling his family in for what would be come their hometown. At this time Dan McGranahan had already been in the pest control field for 16 years and was recognized as an expert. Taking a job for a local Pest Control company. Dan promised the boss that he would work for free till he was the highest grossing sales person in the company and at the end of that first month he was. It was 1986 when Dan and his business partner purchased Greens Entomological service. The company had been around since 1942 and was a staple of the Ventura County Pest Control industry.

Dan McGranahan has guided many people down the path of starting up their own pest management companies.

If Dan McGranahan, co-owner of Green's Entomological Service, Inc. in Ventura, Calif., ever wanted a career change, he might consider exchanging his pesticides for a box of chalk. In the industry for 36 years; McGranahan, a teacher by all accounts, has inspired numerous technicians to buy or start their own pest management businesses, including many of his own valuable employees.

"I am here to help, advise and encourage those who want to advance in the industry," says the reserved, but thoughtful McGranahan.  Green's is and has been an "inspiration to many." .

"He encourages everyone to do their best all the time. He has never stood in the way of anyone who wanted to better themselves," says Perrier. "He's never upset when they leave his company, he's proud of them and how well they are doing.....